Preparing for College and Careers addresses the knowledge, skills, and behaviors all students need to be prepared for success in college, career, and life. The focus of the course is the impact of today’s choices on tomorrow’s possibilities. Topics to be addressed include twenty-first century life and career skills; higher order thinking, communication, leadership, and management processes; exploration of personal aptitudes, interests, values, and goals; examining multiple life roles and responsibilities as individuals and family members; planning and building employability skills; transferring school skills to life and work; and managing personal resources. This course includes reviewing the 16 national career clusters and Indiana's College and Career Pathways, in-depth investigation of one or more pathways, reviewing graduation plans, developing career plans, and developing personal and career portfolios. A project based approach, including computer and technology applications, cooperative ventures between school and community, simulations, and real life experiences, is recommended.  In addition, we will be learning Financial Services. Financial services provide instruction in finance and business fundamentals as they relate to financial institutions, financial planning, business and personal financial services, investment and securities, risk management, and corporate finance.  Students are provided opportunities to develop attitudes and apply skills and knowledge in the area of finance.